Nothing is certain, but Death and War,

The Germans,

They have funny names,

Tod und Krieg,

Like a comedy show,

A comedic duo,

Todd and Craig!

To learn from war?!

Such a silly idea!

War will happen,

We will maul each through the throat!

We will fight!

Blood shot eyes,

Blood running down the throat,

Blood covering both hands,

In its deep crimson.

Nothing is certain, but Death and War.



I have some experience in geology, Earth science, human history especially the modern period, with a Cold War focus and I am a frequent stargazer.

I am aiming to explore the history of the science of geology, from its classical period inception, to the Scottish Enlightenment through James Hutton, to us reaching out into the Cosmos.

I set up a society called the Angus and Dundee GeoSciences Society. I recommend taking a look at the website and blog!

Geologist, Cosmologist, Historian | Hunor Deák, BSc Geology |
I write about science, geology and history. Click to read Geologist, Cosmologist, Historian, by Hunor Deák, BSc Geology, a Substack publication. Launched 3 months ago.



The conveyor belts keep running. Little boxy robots like turbo mice keep scurrying up and down the walls and ceilings. Mechanical hands pack boxes. Plastic moulds and foundries keep on pressing new shapes and sizes.

Lights blink up and down with the digital graffiti running through the isles. The mechanical voice announces the wonderful new items the AI though up for the consumers to buy.

The food 3D printer is looking through the menu. What to order? Who wants some?

Too bad there is nobody to order.



Hunor Deak

BSc Geology graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Worked as a Student Ambassador, Office Aide, Receptionist and Social Media Rep.