The inspiration was based on a talk by Caroline Winterer, who is the William Robertson Coe Professor of History and American Studies. One of her specializations are the history of science and the history of our scientific understanding of the world.

She is also the author of five books, including most recently American Enlightenments: Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason (Yale, 2016). …

I am undertaking a project for Hospitalfield House to document and study their 19th century geology collection as assembled by Sir Patrick Alan-Fraser.

So far it has been going well. I have learnt about how artists see rocks and how geological material is classified for conservation and historical reasons.

The project will take a year or so to complete. The final aim is to set up a display case with detailed information about the origins of the rocks and their geological context.

I have at least 6 years worth of experience in scientific outreach. I started focusing on it from the start of studying at the University of Edinburgh.

Geology is a really nice science as it covers multiple subjects that purists would ignore. While in my degree I had to do programming in Python, use office software to make tables or calculate through algorithms things like cooling rates or dinosaur evolution.

I partook in many field trips with a focus on the rocks in Scotland and Europe. It was nice to collect cool rocks along the way.

I fused this study…

This was inspired by the following short comic, based on the TV/Internet show HelluvaBoss.

“Stolas visited me once again. It turns out that you don’t need to summon demons for them to visit you.

Which came in handy, as it was garbage day, well garbage day tomorrow. The help came in handy. So I grabbed one bag and he grabbed the other. It was done quickly, as easy as Pi!

He managed to visit me a few days before as an accident, and almost made lunch, well dinner of the rest. I hate that most cultists like to summon…

Time is terrifying, it steals everything away!

Time is terrifying, it steals everything away!

I looked upon old photographs, of yesteryear.

Black and white, or sepia, taken this century or the last.

Now digital, forever trapped in the Cloud.

I look at the photograph of an old couple,

50 years or so ago, a bit dusty for sure!

Dashing young man, with a happy wife!

Old money of St Andrews and Britain.

Their house packed with memories,

Now full and decaying, like old money does,

It is decaying, like the British Empire,

Still magnificent, but falling apart, one, by, one!

Time is a thief, a robber, a…

This free online conference organised by the Scottish Geology Trust will share ideas and inspiring initiatives from Orkney to France that have successfully engaged different audiences in geology and how the Earth works.

The event will be held on Zoom and focus on why it’s important to tell Earth’s story drawing on case studies that show great examples of engaging audiences in geological sites, landscapes and climate change.

1977 Soviet postcard with space art by A. Gurikov, picturing the astronauts and cosmonauts of the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz mission.


Crimson sky into abysm,
He stares out asea,
Righteous Terror,
Inkling Trek,
Sullen aw!
High Orchestral Odea,
Alights into Orbit,
Dry Baikonur under Buran,
Flying tall, Gagarin, Apollo, and Chang’e,
Ibises into the sky,
Eclectic sites from 59,
Leonov of 65,
Divine Dragons of 69!

Scottish Geology Trust inspires Angus man to lay foundation for society celebrating Tayside landscape.

The early success of the trust has now inspired Arbroath man Hunor Deak to create a group focused on the geological treasures on the area’s doorstep — among them the Angus town’s distinctive red sandstone cliffs.

New society will align with aims of Scottish Geology Trust.

Hunor, 23, said: “If there was one place in the world you could go to understand how the planet works, why climate changes, why life evolved — Scotland would be it.

“The diversity of geology in Scotland has underpinned…

Commodity analyst with a broad scientific background who thrives in a fast paced business environment. Focus on supply and demand as well as future market trends such as electric vehicles or ESG. Keen interest in traveling, with a passion for history and politics.

Business Development Analyst

Involved in the development of CRU’s merger and acquisition strategy, identifying and screening new opportunities.

Establishing competitor analysis framework. Leading new partnerships between CRU and external stakeholders.

As an applied physical geographer I use ice penetrating radar and remotely sensed imagery to comprehend and characterise the subglacial environment (morphology, geology and hydrology) and flow dynamics of ice streams in Antarctica. I am particularly interested in the topographic controls on ice flow and the entrainment and transportation of sediment through the glacial system.

I am passionate about education and outreach. I develop and teach on various undergraduate modules, focussing on ice, climate, geology and science communication and I supervise research projects at all levels (undergraduate, masters and PhD). …

Hunor Deak

BSc Geology graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Worked as a Student Ambassador, Office Aide, Receptionist and Social Media Rep.

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